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Madagascar , Monday 19 February 2018

News Madagascar » Security: Southern Africa: Full SADC Electoral Calendar As 5 Countries Prepare for Polls in 2018

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Publication date: Sunday 18 February 2018

The Organ Troika is responsible for promoting peace and security in the SADC region ... In all these processes, participation is by an individual and not by party. In Madagascar, the president is elected by direct popular vote for a five-year term ...

News Madagascar » Security: Madagascar: Detainees and prisoners in Tsiafahy prison are living in an overcrowded ‘hell’

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Publication date: onday 12 February 2018

Malagasy authorities must immediately stop sending new pre-trial detainees to Tsiafahy maximum security prison, decongest it and radically improve conditions, Amnesty International said today. The prison had a population of 988 prisoners as of October 2017 ...

News Madagascar » Security: Meeting the Armed Bandits of Madagascar

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Publication date: Friday 09 February 2018

In Madagascar’s vast, roadless expanses ... He hopes his reduced status will buy his family security from the men I hope to meet. Decorated like a post-apocalyptic warrior, the malaso chief, on the right, arrives at the rendezvous with a host of bandits.

News Madagascar » Security: How 'l'affaire Houcine Arfa' has gripped Madagascar and France

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Publication date: Friday 26 January 2018

He alleges he was beaten with car fan belts and witnessed the death of several prisoners while held in Tsiafahy, Madagascar's highest security prison. He also says that in the six months he was held there, he saw guards verbally abusing and urinating on ...

News Madagascar » Security: France to sign basing deal with India, drawing Europe into drive to war in Asia

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Publication date: Sunday 18 February 2018

India has also set up military observation centers in the Maldives, Madagascar and Mauritius and earlier this ... Toward that end, New Delhi has dramatically enhanced its military-security cooperation with Singapore, including gaining the right to service ...

News Madagascar » Security: In pursuit of the tortoise smugglers

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Publication date: hursday 01 February 2018

Lewis runs the Madagascar programme of the Durrell Wildlife Conservation ... with barbed wire and round-the-clock armed security. As a further measure against smuggling, the organisation implants every ploughshare it encounters with a microchip.

News Madagascar » Security: Madagascar's unforgiving bandit lands

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Publication date: uesday 17 July 2012

“What is more, efficient policing in the zones rouges and in many other rural areas would demand disciplined and well-trained security forces; Madagascar hardly has either,” he said. In June 2012 clashes between the `dahalo’ (Malagasy for “bandits ...

News Madagascar » Security: 119,000 FedEx Customers Had Their Photo IDs Out In The Open On An Unsecured Amazon Server

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Publication date: hursday 15 February 2018

According to Gizmodo, people in Madagascar have nothing to worry about ... The good news is that researchers at the Kromtech Security Center discovered the “issue,” and the Amazon server is now secure. The now secure server once belonged to ...

News Madagascar » Security: Strongest fabrics are man-made, backed by nanotechnology

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Publication date: onday 19 February 2018

A second line of nanofabrics is available for industries as varied as air transportation, the security field for bulletproof/stab ... The largest is Darwin's bark spider from Madagascar, which weaves a web the size of a bedroom to be tossed across streams ...